Generating Set Ventilation

Air Flow Requirements For Generating Sets
Greaves Model YW/YAkVAAir Flow (m³/h)Air Flow (cfm)
2 Y WAK MK V12.5/151,7701,041
3 Y WAK MK V252,5801,517
3 Y DAK MK II303,1581,857
4 Y DAK MK II404,2082,474
4 Y DAY MK II504,9352,902
3 Y DCK MK III636,0003,528
6 Y DAK MK II636,3223,717
6 Y DAK MK III756,8254,013
4 Y DAY K MK III82.56,9754,101
6 Y DAY K MK II81.57,7404,551
4 Y DCK MK III1009,4505,557
6 Y DCK MK III12511,7006,880
Greaves Model D2 / D4kVAAir Flow (m³/h)Air Flow (cfm)
TD2 V6 K12511,1256,542
TBD2 V6 K MK I 16013,8958,170
TD2 V8 K16013,8958,170
TBD2 V8 K 18016,2109,531
TD2 V12 K25021,65012,730
TBD2 V12 K I 30026,35015,494
TBD2 V12 K MK II 32027,88016,393
TBD4 V12 K 50040,98024,096
Kirloskar Oil EngineskVAAir Flow (m³/h)Air Flow (cfm)
Air Cooled   
HA 29417.5/192,1021,236
HA 39429.44/322,9751,749
HA 49439.56/433,9202,305
HA 69459.8/654,5302,664
HA 694 TC76.36/836,2903,699
Water Cooled   
RB 3334.96/384,3702,570
RB 4446.46/50.54,4152,596
RB 6664.4/707,9094,650
RB 66 TC96.6/10511,9707,038

Note: These figures are indicative, and 50 % additional can be taken for safety.


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